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Nov. 21, 2022

096 | The Destructive Effects of Perfectionism

"Sloppy success beats perfect mediocrity."

Welcome back to another episode of the Motivate Grind Succeed podcast. This week, we're talking about the destructive effects of perfectionism. As a former perfectionist, I can relate to a lot of these points. Perfectionism can lead to negative self-talk, an inability to accept that things will never be just right, and strained relationships. The most destructive effect of perfectionism, in my opinion, is having an all-or-nothing mentality. This all-or-nothing thinking can lead to missing out on opportunities because you're waiting for everything to be perfect. But the truth is, things will never be perfect. So, it's important to leave room for mistakes and to just go for it.

In this episode, you will learn: 

1. The destructive effects of perfectionism on relationships. 

 2. The destructive effects of perfectionism on mental health. 

 3. The destructive effects of perfectionism on productivity.

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You're going to keep talking down yourself, oh, I should have made the garage bigger. Man, I can't believe I couldn't do that, man. Like, all the concrete should have been something different. You'll be able to accept the fact that things aren't like, oh, that red is just a couple of shades off, man. I need to be able to go repaint the entire garage because the shade of red is off.

You're obsessed with the minor details. Oh, man, I hammered that nail in just two, man. That nail is just an inch off of where it should be, and you're obsessing. Not saying you shouldn't be worried about that, but you're obsessing. Like, half the garage isn't built yet, and you're still worried about a Dale.

Come on. You're going to hurt some relationship. You're going to drive some people up a wall. Like, you're going to absolutely drive some people up a wall. You're going to strain the relationship heavily.

And last point that I want to get at, because this one, if you remember nothing else from this episode, remember this, that one of the most destructive effects of perfectionism is having an all or nothing mentality. Now, let me put this major asterisk here. Having an all or nothing in mentality, when going with being involved in something you want to do right, let's say you're working a nine to five and you want to become an entrepreneur. Yes, your all or nothing mentality will be absolutely crucial there. But when it comes to perfectionism, it is your biggest Achilles heel.

Because when you're more of a perfectionist, you want everything, like I said before, in point number two, to be just right. You want everything to work out perfectly. You want everything to be as tip top as possible, and you want it in everything. And if even one thing is not perfect to the standard that you want it to be at now you're seeing literally everything that could be wrong with what was just done. You're leaving literally no room for mistakes.

And we as humans will make tons of mistakes. So that is why I say this is probably the most destructive effect of perfectionism, because you're leaving no room for error, no room for mistakes. And that is simply just not healthy, guys. It's simply just not healthy. It's not healthy for you.

It's not healthy for anybody in a relationship with you. It's not healthy for people who you work with, people who work around you. It's not even healthy for you. So guys, you have to leave some room for error. You have to leave some room for mistakes.

You cannot have an all or nothing thinking. So those are the five destructive effects of perfectionism. Let's go through them real quick one more time before we go ahead and end off this episode. Number one is negative selftalk. Number two is not being able to accept the fact that things will never be just right.

Number three is obsession with minor details. Number four is strained relationships. And number five is an all or nothing's thinking, otherwise known as leaving no room for mistakes. And guys, that is where I'm going to leave this week's episode. Thank you so much for tuning in again to another episode of the Motivation Ryan 16 podcast.

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