4 Foundational Cornerstones: Faith | Fellowship | Fitness | Finance
Nov. 28, 2022

097 | The 5 Positive Mental Habits You Need to Succeed in Life + Announcement

"The stuff that sucks is the stuff that's going to teach you the most amount of stuff in life."

In this episode of the Motivate Grind Succeed podcast, I'm taking a break to reflect on the past year and set the intention for the year ahead, but don't fret because I'm still leaving you with value. I'm sharing the five mental habits that you need to cultivate. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

1. What are the five mental habits that you need to cultivate? 

2. What is the importance of practicing gratitude? 

3. What are the benefits of taking time for self-reflection?

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What is going on, everybody, welcome back to another episode of the Motivate Grind Succeed podcast, which has the goal of improving your life in the four foundational cornerstone of faith, fellowship, fitness and finances through practical tips and takeaways with every single episode. If you're new to the show, welcome. And I know you're going to get a ton, a ton, a ton of value from this week's episode. And if you're a returning listener, welcome, welcome. Welcome back.

Quick favorite, though, to everyone who is listening, whether new or returning. If at any point in this episode you get some value from this episode, I ask that you share this episode with just one person. Get it? Just one person. That's it.

That's all I ask. So with all the housekeeping out of the way, we're not going to get quite into this week's episode quite yet. I know a little bit of a different thing. We have a little bit of an announcement to make, guys, if you're watching, this episode on the day was released, this is the last day of the last Monday in November. And the announcement is I'm going to be taking another break, guys.

We're taking another break from the podcast. Let me take some time off. Let's do a little bit of a break to just take some time, catch up with some things, take care of things on the back end of the show. And of course, I just need a little bit of a break. I've been going at this for like a year now.

I need a little bit of a break every now and again then, too. So with all that in mind, because we're going to be doing that, I'm going to be take I'm putting it on record right now. I'm putting it on record that since this is when you're watching this the 28th, I'm assuming you're watching this on the 28th, we're going to be taking all of December off and all of January off. And I will be coming back with new episodes, hitting y'all hard with new episodes come February 6 of 2023. Again, February 6 of 2023.

We're going to come back hard with new episodes, new guests, all that good jazz and shebang and things like that. So guys, because this is the last episode of the year, I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a very happy New Year ahead of time. And I hope you all don't miss me too much. Take this time. Be with your families.

Come back and check out all the episodes of things throughout January or something or whatever, have you. Guys. Take your time, be with your families. Don't even worry about it. Do all those things.

Catch up on some old episodes. If you haven't done so already, go and check out the website, leave some comments, do all those wonderful, fantastic things, and I'll see you all again in February. But instead of ending the episode there. Now we're going to get right into this week's episode, and we're talking now about the five mental habits that you need to cultivate. So habit number one is practicing gratitude, being thankful, saying thank you for everything that has been given to me.

Yes, even the sucky stuff, because it's most important that you give thanks for the sucky stuff. Because the stuff that sucks is the stuff that's going to teach you the most amount of stuff in life. When things are all good, things are all roses and peaches and cream. You don't really learn too much now, do you? Because you already know what to do.

That's why the times are so roses, peaches, and cream, because everything is going according to plan. Everything is going how it should. Everything is just working along perfectly fine. But when stuff is not so much fun, that is when you need to really practice the gratitude there and say, even though things aren't working out too well. So thank you.

Thank God for this wonderful opportunity for me to learn how to be patient, how to trust you more, how to be able to basically just take 1ft in front of the other and just be like, I don't know how we're going to do this, but we don't get through this. I don't know how we're going to get through this, but we're going to do this. That's literally what it is. Practicing gratitude, guys. Being grateful for everything, even the breath that you're taking, the phone that you have, the computer that you're using, the tablet that you have, your car for getting to work, your job that you have, being able to pay your bills.

Even if money's tight, you're still able to pay the bills. Practicing gratitude. Point number two. I want you to live in the moment. Live in the moments.

That doesn't mean don't plan for the future, but have a plan for the future. But enjoy right now. Because if you're always focused on where you got to get to all the time, you're not going to take the time to just sit back and smell the bed of roses that are all around you right here as we speak. You're not going to be able to do that. Live in the moment.

Enjoy the moment with the people and things around you. If you got a dog, enjoy the moment with your dog. If you've seen that picture before, I don't know if you've ever seen the picture before. There is a picture of the person sitting next to their dog and there's a caption that's saying, there's a reason why the dog is happier than the human. And in the thought bubbles, the person is thinking of all the stuff they got going on throughout the day, all the stuff that they need to be focused on finishing and completing.

And the dog is just concerned about sitting there with their owner. That's all they're thinking about. They're just happy to be there with their owner in that moment. That's living in the moment is the dog probably thinking about getting food eventually. But when that problem comes up, that's when they'll worry about it.

They're not going to worry about it right now. They're enjoying the moment right now with their owner. So if anything, we should learn something from that dog and be able to live in the moment and enjoy what it is that we have right now with the people that we have. So that way we can just enjoy life even more. Number three is getting good quality sleep.

I am not going to harp on this a lot because I talk about this a whole lot. A whole lot. OK? Get good quality sleep. If you need to track your sleep with some kind of fitness tracker or something, OK?

I currently have a smart watch that I use to track my sleep. Whatever you need to use. If you have a fitbit, go ahead and use that. Again, track your sleep. Make sure you're getting a quality sleep.

Try your best to get between seven to 9 hours of sleep at night. Good quality REM sleep. Not just you're in the bed with your eyes closed, but actually deep REM sleep. Make sure you get good quality and that way, that habit, as long as you cultivate getting good sleep, it's going to pay you absolute dividends, absolute dividends in your life to come. Another habit that you need to cultivate is being patient and calm in stressful times.

Because when you have stressful times, stressful times will come. Not if they come when they come. When you have those stressful times come and you have those stressful times arrive in your life, everybody's going to be freaking out, okay? Everybody's going to be it's like, oh my God, what do we do? Oh my God, we're all going to die.

Everybody's going to be freaking out and screaming, okay, who is going to be the person who's going to be the rock in that circumstance? Because everybody is going to be looking everybody else to try to be the rock in that circumstance. And we ain't talking Dwayne Johnson. We talked about someone who needs to be just that steady person saying, okay, here's what we need to do and here's how we're going to get through this. Is that person scared too?

Oh, yeah. That person is absolutely 100% nervous. But are they letting that overcome their need to make good, logical, rational decisions? No. I talked about this before, in a past episode, a couple episodes back, where you cannot let your emotional state override your intelligence, right?

You cannot let your emotions guide your thought processes. You need to be in a perfectly rational state of mind, calm, not affected by anything. You need to be calm, cool and collected so you can make the best decision with the amount of information that's been given to you at the time. And only to do that is to be patient, wait, and know that these things are going to work out and to be calm, take some deep breaths, understand that in time everything's going to be okay, and that you need to make a very good, logical decision while keeping the end goal in mind. And finally, a good habit to cultivate is to eventually, occasionally make it a habit as title of this episode, to take time to self reflect, realize what it is that you're doing.

Well, what are you doing? Not so well. Take some time. Really sit with yourself. Think about it.

Say, okay, what is it that I'm doing? Well, I'm doing X-Y-Z. Well, what am I not doing well? ABC. Okay.

I'm doing XYZ. Well, great. I will continue to make sure I put an effort to make sure that at minimum stays at that level. You should always be improving, but at an absolute minimum, keep it at that level while you work on improving ABC. I don't know what your ABC is.

I don't know at all how to help you with that because I do not have your individual circumstances. But what I can give you is a good general advice that will work for whatever your situation is. Where are you now? What is your end goal and what are the steps you're going to take to get there? The small, simple steps in between.

And if those are hard to meet, make them smaller and make them smaller so you can eventually start getting those minuscule wins that will eventually add up into those big wins. Taking the time for selfreflection, it's very important. That's also why I said in the aftermath before. I'm taking a little break because I am going to be taking this time to do some self reflection on the podcast. See what's going well.

What's not going well. Taking some time to go ahead and revamp the way that some things are done. Whether it be the delivery style. Whether it be the behind the scenes work. Or just ways to improve and make the processes more efficient.

Taking that time to reflect and be able to see what's working, what's not working, how can we improve? Always very important. Always making sure you take the time to go ahead and do that. And guys, those are the five habits that I need you guys to cultivate because those are absolutely game changing. It will play an absolutely game changing role in your life.

So before we end up, we're going to go through those one more time, guys. Number one is to practice gratitude. Number two is living in the moment. Number three, getting good quality sleep. Number four, being patient and calm in stressful times.

And number five, taking time for self reflection. And guys, with that we are going to bring the last episode of the year to a close. Thank you so much for tuning in guys. But before you go, as always, two quick requests for you. Subscribe or follow to the show if you found it useful.

And be on the lookout for new episodes every single week after the next two months though. But after that come February, on the lookout for new episodes every single week. And number two guys, follow me on social media. All the links for that will be in this video or episode description, wherever it is that you are watching or listening. Take care yourselves guys.

Have a very Merry Christmas, happy New Year and I will catch you guys next year. Take care.