April 10, 2023

108 - Supercharge Your Energy With Hydration: Unlock The Secret

108 - Supercharge Your Energy With Hydration: Unlock The Secret
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Try drinking water first thing in the morning. Just chug about one water bottle, about 16 to 20oz of water first thing in the morning. Just get it down, get it done. - Rasean Hyligar

I stumbled upon an unexpected solution to a long day of fatigue - a secret cheat code to energy that I never expected to find hidden in a bottle of water, in fact, it WAS the bottle of water. Little did I know that this seemingly simple act would be the key to unlocking a newfound surge of vitality - and I was about to discover just how effective it would be.

Main Points

  • Try drinking 16 to 20oz of water first thing in the morning, before consuming coffee or any other beverage.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day to help your body operate at its maximum efficiency and improve digestion.
  • Drink water to naturally increase your energy levels and potentially reduce the need for caffeine or energy supplements.
  • Use water to aid in weight management by feeling satiated between meals and avoiding unnecessary caloric intake from other beverages.
  • Improve detoxification by drinking water to help flush impurities out of your body and support kidney function.


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What is going on, everybody? Welcome back to the Motivate Grind Succeed podcast, where our goal is to help you to improve your life in the four foundational cornerstones of faith, fellowship, fitness and finance through practical and helpful tips and takeaways with each and every single episode. If you like what you hear, don't be afraid to leave a rating and a review as it really does help to go a long way. Also, don't forget to sign up for my email list where you can get access to new episode releases, merch drops, upcoming events, and much, much, much more. Finally, if you feel so inclined to support the show, I appreciate you greatly and you can support me on Buy Me a Coffee.



All links to everything that I just mentioned are going to be down in this episode description, so be sure to check that out for more information. And so with all that out the way, let's hop right into this week's episode guys. And today we are going to be talking about the importance of staying hydrated. Drinking your water. Five crucial reasons as to why staying hydrated is crucial to your health.



As you already know, the human body start that over. As you know, the human body is primarily composed or comprised of well water. So obviously it is important and imperative that we stay hydrated. Okay? And here's why.



Number one, it improves your brain performance, even mild dehydration. So about 2% less body water or water in your body that your body is holding on to than normal can affect things such as your mood, your memory, concentration, and even your reaction time. Which is why specifically, when you wake up first thing in the morning, the first thing that you should do instead of reaching for a coffee, because coffee is not only a vasodilator, which basically means it makes your heartbeat faster, but also it's a diuretic, it's a dehydrator. Coffee draws out water from your body. And remember, if you were sleeping already for 8 hours, you haven't drank anything for 8 hours.



That means you've been in a dehydrated state for close to those 8 hours. And now you're going to drink coffee first thing to then further dehydrate yourself. That's probably not the best idea. So what I've done and I've tested this out is because I like drinking coffee myself personally. But what I started doing was instead of drinking coffee first thing in the morning, I'll still make the coffee, but I'll put it into my thermos.



But I'll bring two different bottles to work or if I'm working from home, whatever that is. First thing I will do is I will put the coffee in a thermos, which is, like I said, I'll have that just to help knock off some of the tired. But I'll also have an even bigger bottle of water. So my thermos is 18oz and my water bottle is 32. So I'll make sure to go through that 32 ounce bottle of water first thing.



Finish that first before drinking the coffee. And you know what ends up happening? Sometimes I don't even need the coffee. Or if I do drink the coffee, I don't drink the whole thing because the water helps to wake me up.



Try that out next time. Just use that as an actionable, which is only number one, but just start off as that as an actionable tip. Try drinking water first thing in the morning. Just chug about one water bottle, about 16 to 20oz of water first thing in the morning. Just get it down, get it done.



I'd recommend for it to not be cold, especially when you first wake up because your body is still starting to wake up. I'd recommend I know it sucks, but cool to lukewarm water. I know it's not going to taste very good, but it will help your stomach the best. At least for me. If I drink cold water first thing in the morning, my stomach is just growling and in knots and it's not very fun.



So drinking cool to almost room temperature water for me is fine. My stomach wakes up and everything's good to go. Get rehydrated. Once you drink that 16 to 20oz of water, you're good to go. Number two is digestive Harmony.



What do I mean by digestive harmony? Well, the one point that I put under Digestive Harmony is that you need water to digest food. And you do. Your stomach is working hard and drinking a lot of water helps your body just to operate at optimum efficiency. It's just how it works.



I mean, the more water you drink, the better your body is going to work to an extent. And of course, if you drink too much water, your body will just pass it out as well. Water. That's it. It helps to well, actually, I was about to say a point, but that's point number five.



But overall, it helps with just digestion of food. It helps with just your overall day to day everything really like there's no specific thing I can pick on because as long as you stay hydrated every single day, you're going to be operating at least assuming you did everything else correct, like you're eating right, you're sleeping good, and all that kind of stuff. You're typically going to be operating at a really good level of efficiency being hydrated. So I'd recommend doing that. Actually, I ended up bleeding into my third point, so let's talk about that one.



Now that's having more energy. Simply drinking water allows for, like I said, your body to be able to operate at its maximum efficiency. You're able to generate the amount of energy you need. Well, your brain is able to fire on all cylinders because like we said, with 0.1 mild dehydration can affect your brain by affecting your memory, mood, concentration, and reaction time and other things as well. So having more energy means what, what could you do with more energy?



Literally, just about anything, right? Remember from the last episode where we talked about the supplements that you have now if you drink water and so now you have a naturally more increased baseline of energy. And now you add the supplements, which are not even mandatory, except for the first one that we talked about, but you add on some supplements that give you more energy. Oh, boy, you going, man, you won't even need coffee. You won't even need coffee.



I'm telling you, I've done this already. I took a couple of weeks to actually test some of these things out where I just literally just drank maybe two of those tall black bottles from Tau. Not sponsored, of course, but two tall black bottles of Tau, which was my 32 ounce bottle. And so I drank that twice a day. So I drank about 64 fluid ounces of water at minimum.



If I worked out, then naturally I drank more. But I tried to do at least that per day. And I did that on top of my ashwagandha and tong. Kat Ali, if you haven't heard about those, go back to last week's episode. But I did all of those and combine that, and every day that I did that, I still had my coffee.



And every single day that I did that, I found myself drinking less coffee as compared to the days when I actually didn't drink water or as much water and didn't take those supplements.



Think about it. I basically gave you a whole nother cheat code. You want to get more energy, drink more water. It's that simple. I know you all want the fancy, give me this fancy pill or give me this fancy routine and give me this new thing to do.



It's not you can possibly find something that can assist, but if you look at the nutrition facts, it's still just going to be a different version of what's already out there. What do I mean? I mean that if you look at things and it says, oh, this magic new pill allows for giving you 50% more energy, and all it is is just chock full of caffeine and B twelve. Like, I'm so serious. Look at all the energy drinks, for example, that are out and about.



What do most of them have in there? Things like caffeine, b twelve, taurine, maybe something from the L protein chains or whatever. They might have something from those and they're all just in different ratios. It's the same things. So literally, if it's the same things, it's just all branding and marketing to some extent.



Guys, just drink the water before you go reaching for an energy drink. I'm telling you, give it a shot. Give it a shot first. I'm not saying it'll work 100%, but at least give it a shot first. Number four is weight management.



Oh, boy. Water can help you feel so satiated between meals, especially after you eat, and then you drink water after or with it, which is a lot of times. Why? When I go out to eat food, I'm usually just ordering a water. One, because it's free and I'm all about saving that money.



And number two, on top of that, it's just naturally healthier for you. It's no liquid calories, so you're not cheating on any kind of diet or anything that you're on. You can get as much water as you want. And on top of that, it AIDS with everything else that we've been talking about, too. So while you're eating and you drink some water, it helps with digestion.



While you're drinking water, it helps you to feel more satiated because it helps to fill up the space in your stomach without having to use those expanding pills. I know you all know what I'm talking about. Those pills you take that expand in your stomach and force you to eat less food. Nah, do it naturally. Drink more water.



Helps with all of those things. Weight management, really good for water. And on top of that, if your stomach is about to growl, if you just chug like eight to 10oz of water, stomach growl will go away for a few minutes because your stomach has some stuff in it to help it to muffle some of the growling until you can get some food. That's like tip 4.1 right there. And then tip number five that I have for you that I was talking about before but almost gave away, and that is improved detoxification.



Improved detoxification water helps to simply draw the impurities out of the body. That's it. That's literally the point that I've written down is that it really helps to draw the impurities out of your body. Like you drink more water, your body is able to work more efficiently to be able to get those impurities to be drawn out. Drink a lot of water, helps the kidneys to work out a lot better so that way it can be able to hold on to be able to filter out all those impurities because it needs help from the water to be able to do that and to be able to work.



Sends it off to the bladder, stores it there, and then you go ahead and relieve yourself in the bathroom whenever you need to. It just helps with just flushing out your system, right? What do you think? Some people talk about the whole green tea detox and think, what's the main ingredient in green tea? Water.



If you don't have water in it, you can't really have your tea. So, yes, the green tea leaves help. Yes, but most of it is, again, water. So water is absolutely important and crucial, and it's fine. It's delicious.



Even though it tastes like nothing sometimes it could be delicious. Case in point, very hot summer days you just spent outside all day. Sometimes that ice cold water hit different, I'm telling you, telling you. So, got to the end of the episode, let's go through all five points of why staying hydrated is absolutely crucial to your health. One more time here.



Number one is that you do have improved brain performance. Again, mild dehydration can affect memory, mood, concentration, and even your reaction time. Number two, digestive harmony. You need water to digest your food, for crying out loud. Okay, you don't need water.



Okay, you don't need water to digest your food, but it helps a lot. Number three, more energy. Dehydration can slow circulation and affect the flow of oxygen to the brain. Which is why, again, as I said, point number one and point number three kind of flow together. Because if you drink more water, you offset the effects of dehydration, which negates the effects of the decreased of the hampered memory, more irritability and things decreased concentration and decreased reaction time.



Point number four is the weight management. Water can help you to feel satiated in between meals or while you're eating, so that way you end up eating less and therefore it helps you with your calorie count. And then number five is improved detoxification as it helps with, well, just getting some of the natural toxins out of your body. And guys, that's what I have for you this week. Thanks so much for listening, I appreciate it.



And before you go though, don't forget that if you like what you hear, don't be afraid to leave a rating and a review as it really does help to go a long, long way. There's also an email list where you can go ahead and join, where you can get access to new episode releases, merch drops, upcoming events, and so, so much more. And if you feel inclined to support the show, guys, I appreciate it very, very much and you can support me on Buy Me a Coffee. All the links to everything and stuff that I mentioned or stuff even that I didn't or neglected to check down in the description, it's going to be all down in there. Take care of yourselves guys, and I will see you all next time.