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Aug. 27, 2022

6 Actions Mentally Strong People Do

6 Actions Mentally Strong People Do

Do you want to become mentally strong? 

Are you tired of not seeing results? 

If you're feeling stuck, this episode is for you. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

1. What are some things mentally strong people do?

2. How can you stay happy without ignoring other emotions?

3. Why it is important to take risks?

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[00:00:01] Welcome, everybody. Welcome back. Welcome back. Welcome back. Welcome back to a brand new episode of the Motivate Grind Succeed podcast, the show that gives you 100% fluff free, guaranteed, practical, useful tips in every single episode so you can live up your true potential most famine long intros with information to help get you going. [00:00:20] If you're new to the show, welcome, and I know you're going to get a ton of value from this week's episode if you're returning. Welcome back, guys. Quick favor to all who are listening. New or returning. If at any point in this episode you get some value from it, I ask that you share this episode with somebody and go ahead and read the episode what you think that it is worth. [00:00:41] So with all that housekeeping out of the way, let's get right into this week's episode. I just realized I do not have my blue light blockers on because I forgot to put them on. There we go. That helps out a little bit, because if you all don't know, just real quick, I do have astigmatism and things, and when I'm wearing contacts and whatnot and I'm doing this, even with glasses on, I can get some eye irritation. So having these blue light blockers definitely help out a lot with that. [00:01:06] So if you see me sometimes taking these offer things and stuff like that and putting them on, that's what they are. They're just blue light blockers. I have my prescriptions and stuff somewhere else, somewhere in contacts today. Anyway, besides the point how to Build Mental Strength is the placeholder title that I've given to this week's episode. So we're going to talk about six actions that mentally strong people do. [00:01:29] Now, before I begin, before I begin, I keep hitting this microphone. Before I begin, let me clear up what I mean when I say mentally strong. When I say mentally strong, we're doing this so there's no ambiguity here, okay? I'm talking about people who are able to push through discomfort and have rationalized pain and seem to just be plain old unstoppable. That's what I mean by mentally strong. [00:01:55] Okay, think like David Goggins, but like 80% of his abilities, right? So essentially the ability to push through hardship. That's what I mean when I say mentally strong. Okay? So with that little disclaimer out of the way, so we're all clear of what I mean when I say mentally strong, let's move on to the actual information and meat and potatoes of this episode. [00:02:21] So number one, move on. Don't waste time feeling sorry for yourself because feeling sorry for yourself doesn't do anything to put you in a depressive rut. Think about last time that you kept kicking yourself over a mistake that you made. Do things get better? Probably not. [00:02:39] What state was your mind in? Probably negative. And how did that affect you physically? Lack of exercise, lack of drive to do anything, really? I'm not shunning. [00:02:50] You not shaming you, because that's what happens when you feel sorry for yourself. Long story short, the mindset shift. You need to adopt is one of can I do something about it? If yes, take action and fix it. Are you overweight? [00:03:04] Did you put on a few covered kilos? Start a workout regime or regimen or whatever you want to call it. Weight lifting, running start. Dieting knows that you got to eat a salad every day, but just do a little bit of research on how to cut back on some calories, some low calorie, high protein, low fat alternatives to foods that still tastes good. Just do some research. [00:03:25] You want to wake up earlier, start going to bed earlier, right? All kinds of things you can do. We already made an episode a couple of weeks back talking about excuses, right? There is no excuse. Your life is 100% your responsibility, your priority to take care of. [00:03:41] You need to do what you got to do. Don't make any excuse. Make some action. But what if there's nothing you can do about it, right? What if an earthquake happened or something, god forbid, and you lost everything? [00:03:53] Am I saying you need to go do something about it? Well, no, because chances are, if an earthquake happens, there's not really much you can do about it. If it's out of your control, it's simply out of your control. It's a hard pill to swallow because we love to be in control, myself included, as much as you possibly can. However, it's literally impossible to be able to do that. [00:04:13] That's still something that I'm struggling with to understand, is that we cannot be in control of everything 100% of the time. You have to bob and weave from life's punches and everything the best you can and learn the lessons from the experience. Get up, keep stepping. It's what you got to do. Sometimes you literally cannot control everything. [00:04:36] And it sucks. It really does suck. And like I said before, it's something that I struggle with because I always want to be able to say, like, I have this under control. This can be done. I want to see things through to the finish line, and it's great in that way, and I want to be able to do that. [00:04:51] Right. But sometimes you just can't, right? Sometimes you simply just can't. So, number two, the second thing that people do who are mentally strong is that they embrace change. Now, look, every day something changes. [00:05:09] That's just a fact. Every day, something changes. I can give you two examples that are always changing. Time. Looking at my clock right now. [00:05:18] Time and your age. With that alone, you can always say at least two things a day are changing, okay? Whether you want to accept it or not, things change, people change, environments change, and change needs to be embraced. Look at how fast technology has advanced, right? Look at how fast is advanced, okay? [00:05:41] Can you remember back to the iPhone Five memory lane? I'm Elaine, I remember back to my cause I'm not an iPhone person, so I can't say like the iPhone Five, but Galaxy S Five, I remember having one of those, man, that's memory lane right there, that was the olden days. And now I have at the time of this episode, that's 22 Ultra, night and day, different to the phone. I'm telling you, if you give somebody a Galaxy S Five as a daily driver for like three years and then you give them an S 22 Ultra, they'll almost be culture shocked at how big it is, how the cameras are, the stylus pen in it, and just all the features they can do. They will be shocked at how different it is. [00:06:23] Now, not saying do these huge jumps and change all the time, but rather you need to be able to adapt and overcome when it comes to these changes. I don't know if he actually said to himself or not, but it's always kind of been cleaned with bear grills, right? Improvise, adapt, overcome. Because when he's out in the wild, things are always changing. Nothing is ever going to go according to plan 100% of the time, right? [00:06:51] You have to know how to improvise on the spot, adapt to whatever is going on, and overcome whatever challenge that it is. Which means you need to change. That's the definition of change right there. You need to be able to change what you're doing on a dime, spin on a dime, 180, 90 degree, 27.392 radiance. I don't care, okay? [00:07:14] I don't care how much you got to change, but you need to be able to understand that change is inevitable. It's absolutely inevitable. Okay? Number three is to now this one's going to come. I wrote it in my notes as stay happy, right? [00:07:32] Now that can get some different reactions from different people. So let me explain what I mean when I say stay happy, right? Because I wrote the caveat next to it saying don't waste energy on things you can't control. When I said stay happy, that doesn't mean to ignore all the other emotions that you have. When I say stay happy, I meant that in conjunction with what I said later on. [00:07:55] And that's to not waste energy on things you can't control if there is something out there that you cannot control, right? It just is what it is and whatever emotions come with that, okay? But what I'm talking about is the things that you can control if you can like I said before, if we're talking about, say you're overweight and you're upset about being overweight, when I say stay happy, I don't mean look at the bright side and say, well, at least I'm still alive. And like, well, yes, you are still alive. Of course. [00:08:24] Obviously what I'm saying is you should be able to go, you could change your weight, go to the gym or start some at home workouts, start dieting, start doing those things to make yourself healthier overall. And then that way you can start becoming happier with your body and with yourself, right? That's what I'm talking about. And when I say stay happy, I'm talking about controlling your emotions. You can always control your emotions, reactions and responses in situations that you can control. [00:08:57] In situations that you cannot control. Let's say somebody passes away, I would sure hope that you would have some feelings of sadness. Otherwise you would be looked at as a suspect for somebody who might have been taken in the fact of taking that person's life. I would sure hope that if someone close to you pass the way that you have some sort of feeling about that, that's just human. I would sure hope you do. [00:09:21] Right? So that's what I'm saying when I say stay happy. So instead of saying stay happy, I would probably just twist that around a little bit and just stay more like always stay in control of your emotions. Right? So number four is to always be kind and unafraid to speak up. [00:09:38] No one likes overly obnoxious individuals who have that holier than thou type of episode, episode type of attitude. Always be kind to individuals. Yes. Even if they are not kind to you. This is tough even for me. [00:09:56] Because sometimes you just want to let them have it. Sometimes you really want to give them some words that do not come from the Lord, but you got to hold your tongue from the inside. Let's say you and someone else are arguing on the inside. You're trying to explain yourself to them and you're trying to get your point across and they're not listening. And from the outskirt, someone looking on you all feels like two people just arguing. [00:10:26] So even though I'm saying to speak up, it's a balance, right? It's a balance. You have to be able to explain your point, say things in a logical, coherent, intelligent way that also, one, demands respect from other people, and two is also comes off as a way you're not sounding overly obnoxious or insecure or anything, but at the same time, you're not trying to get walked over. You're also not trying to look like, oh, I'm macho man, ha ha. Like I said before, whole year than that. [00:11:05] It's a balance. You have to strike something that you have to work with. And if you'd like me to make an episode on that about having to how to get to that balance, let me know in the comments. Shoot me a DM, send me a voice message on my website or whatever and I'll get to work on that. [00:11:22] Lastly, be willing to take calculated risks, guys. This is how you build up the mental strength. Be willing to take some calculated risk, right? You just got to be willing to take some calculated risks. Nothing that we have in this world or that we do in this world is performed without some sort of risk. [00:11:44] Let me say that one more time for the people in the back. Nothing that we have in this world and nothing that we do in this world was made or performed without some sort of risk. I got four simple examples that can pretty much bring this point home. You risk getting into a car accident every time you drive. You risk choking every time you eat. [00:12:14] You risk slipping every time you step. And you risk breaking a bone whenever you fall. Now some of these examples are way less likely than the others, but the risk is still there. And whether you realize it or not, you make an RBA or risk benefit analysis in your head on whether the action is worth it or not. So let me explain with each of the examples that I just gave so we can drive these points home. [00:12:39] Here, you need to go to the store because you need to go to the store to go get some food, right? But you've been accident free for 20 years, so you're just going to go down the street to the store and you'll be fine. So you just buckle up and go. You ensure that you chew your food 20 times before swallowing as well as drinking plenty of water as you're eating. So the chance of your choking is low, so you proceed to eat. [00:13:11] Number three, because of too much shock to the bones can cause them to break. You face forward as you walk and scan with your eyes for any potential dangers so as to avoid them to get to your destination safely. And the last one, you avoid wet ground on even services and watch where you're walking so that you minimize your chance of falling and injuring yourself. [00:13:37] I mean, everything we do in life has risk, but you need to be able to embrace that risk, assuming that this risk is not going to kill you. Embrace that risk of doing something and just charge in full force with it guys. And so with that oh, I forgot one more. I was not the last one. I forgot one more. [00:13:58] Number six, celebrate other people's success. This one's pretty quick. Celebrate other people's successes. We all love being celebrated, but being able to celebrate other people's successes so much better. It allows you to be able to practice selflessness and happiness towards other people reaching their goals. [00:14:14] When your mind is in the right place with this and you genuinely celebrate other people's wins, it inspires you to continue grinding hard so that one day you can celebrate just like how they do. So those are the six actions that mentally strong people do. Let's go through them one more time really quick because I know through these episodes it can kind of be hard to kind of remember everything. So number one, move on don't waste time feeling sorry for yourself. Number two embrace change. [00:14:42] Number three stay happy in air quotes. Don't waste time on things you can't control. Number four be kind, but also be unafraid to speak up. Number five be willing to take the calculated risks. And number six, celebrate other people's successes with that, guys, we're bringing this week's episode to a close. [00:15:06] Thank you so much for tuning in this week. Whenever you're listening to this, but before you go again, three quick requests, please. I promise you to be sick. Number one like, follow subscribe, tune in. I don't know which podcast listener you're using right now, but whatever allows you to be able to subscribe to the show or like it or follow it. [00:15:29] Go ahead and click that. I release new episodes every single week. Number two, let me know if you thought of this episode in the comment section, wherever you want to. And number three. There you go. [00:15:40] Number three, follow me on social media. All the links will be down below. Take care of yourselves and I'll see you all in the next episode.