About MGS

Motivate Grind Succeed has the goal of improving the 4 foundational pillars of your life: Faith, Fellowship, Finances, and Fitness, through practical, high-performance tips and takeaways in all that we do.

Here we live by the 100% Fluff Free Guarantee. This guarantee states that in every, yes, EVERY content piece, podcast episode, eBook, course, coaching call... You name it! You'll get actionable tips and takeaways that you can implement so that you can expedite your journey toward your goals!

Motivate Grind Succeed started as a podcast by Rasean Hyligar. The origins of this podcast date back to 2020 where he realized that there was more to life than just graduating from engineering school. Was Engineering fun? Yes. But being in engineering taught him that where he really enjoyed spending time wasn't in the textbooks, but rather the self-improvement books. Rasean took the thinking style he learned from engineering school and applied that to all the high performance habits you've probably heard about and constantly began to question...how can this improve my life?

About Rasean

Hello, I'm Rasean Hyligar, also known as the Facts Pharmacist (I gave myself that nickname and you'll see why in a bit). I am the host of Motivate Grind Succeed: The Podcast, a self-improvement podcast, as well as a Men's Self-Improvement Coach and Strategist

I am deeply passionate about personal growth and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Through my podcast, I provide valuable insights, actionable strategies, and unfiltered advice to help people overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Because of that simple question, he went down (and continues to go down) rabbit hole upon rabbit hole of trying to understand why and how certain habits work. As he discovers, he shares. Whether this be through the podcast, online courses, coaching, eBooks, etc., his goal is to give back the information that has been tested to work time and time again.

Now, Motivate Grind Succeed The Podcast is the only self-improvement podcast that has the goal of improving the 4 foundational cornerstones of your life: Faith, Fellowship, Finances, and Fitness, through high performance habits and practical tips and takeaways in every episode.

But not only that! Motivate Grind Succeed has transformed from just a podcast to a brand...the MGS brand, where underneath it comprises coaching, courses, eBooks, other resources, and of course, the podcast (can't forget the roots!). While the vehicle that the information is delivered may differ, the mission remains the same: Improving your life in the 4 Foundational Pillars through practical, high-performance tips in all that we do.

As the Facts Pharmacist (told you we'd get to the explanation!), I embrace a straightforward and candid approach. I believe in telling things as they are, focusing on honesty and accuracy rather than sugarcoating information. This approach allows me to provide objective insights and practical advice.

Because of my love for learning, I am constantly exploring new avenues and expanding my knowledge to make a positive impact in other people's lives as well as live a life I'll be proud to look back at.

In my free time, I enjoy diving into books, exercising, connecting with like-minded individuals, and even playing some video games!

Do or Do Not,
There is no try!
- Yoda