4 Foundational Cornerstones: Faith | Fellowship | Fitness | Finance
Motivate Grind Succeed


The Motivate Grind Succeed Podcast has the goal of improving the 4 foundational cornerstones of your life: Faith, Fellowship, Finances, and Fitness, through practical tips and takeaways in every episode.

It is our promise to not spam you with BS that you have to wait 20 minutes to hear. We get straight to the point so you can get maximum value out of every episode.

Here we live by the 100% Fluff Free Guarantee. This guarantee states that in every, yes, EVERY episode, you'll get actionable tips and takeaways that you can implement as soon as you finish listening to the episode so that you can expedite your journey toward your goals!

This podcast was started by Rasean Hyligar in 2020. Starting this podcast spawned from his college education, but not from what he learned in class. The lessons that the transition from high school into college, college, and early professional life taught him and how much he realized that he had to mature to become a better performing individual at whatever he took on. 

He started this podcast to give the advice he has received back to the community of people who need to hear it.

But, how do you know if this podcast is for you? Keeping with the brand, let's keep it simple...

This podcast IS for YOU if...

  • You are someone who sits on the couch telling yourself that you need to get up and do something productive

  • Want some ACTIONABLE TIPS that you can use to actually START SEEING CHANGES in your life for the better

  • Have a negative circle of influence and you want to ditch that for something better

  • Want to see how BEING SUCCESSFUL AND BEING A CHRISTIAN CAN GO HAND-IN-HAND (Religion won't be forced on you!)

  • You are transitioning from high school to college and want to be a step above others in the classroom

  • You are in college and want to start performing better both inside and outside the classroom

  • You are transitioning from college into the "real world" as a young professional
  • You believe that you were made for something great in this world

This podcast IS NOT for you if...

  • You think your life is perfect and it can't possibly get any better. In that case, I should be learning from you 😊.

  • Enjoy hanging around friends who DRINK AND PARTY UNTIL 3 AM every weekend and then dread going to work on Monday

  • You are NOT an action-taker. 

  • You expect to PASSIVELY LISTEN and have life-changing results.

  • You are comfortable with your life and have NO DESIRE to change

  • You DO NOT want to hear ACTUAL advice from REAL SPECIALISTS in their fields such as Eric Winters, Robert Raymond Riopel, and James Heppner, and many more.

With all that in mind, if you are still interested, welcome to the MGS family, and feel free to stay a while. Kick your feet up and enjoy some wonderful, powerful, and actionable episodes!

About the Host

Rasean HyligarProfile Photo

Rasean Hyligar

Founder and CEO of Motivate Grind Succeed (MGS) and Host of The Motivate Grind Succeed Podcast

Hey guys, my name is Rasean. I'm the host of the MGS podcast and founder of Motivate Grind Succeed (MGS).

However, outside of the MGS brand, my day job is that of a Systems Engineer. I graduated in May 2021 from UIC with my bachelors in Bioengineering (also known as Biomedical Engineering). I am also a Christian man of faith.

When I'm not working on the brand or as an engineer, you can find me exercising (calisthenics and martial arts are my go-to's), playing video games or just lounging around playing some mobile games.

I'm also a pretty big tech guy #AndroidForLife.