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April 27, 2022

Decisions Determine Your Direction - Interview with Frank Williams

Decisions Determine Your Direction - Interview with Frank Williams

Let's welcome Frank Williams to the show! Frank is a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker and he has a somewhat unique and interesting story about his days as a Corrections officer where he experienced a dangerous situation with an inmate that quickly escalated. However, the lessons that Frank got from that situation had a huge impact on his life and he’s here to share some of those lessons. Unfortunately, Frank cannot rewrite your history. But, he can help you write an amazing future.   Join us as we discuss: + How does one find their calling? + The 3D's you need to follow + The importance of converting motivation into discipline + Overcoming self-doubt + The "contradiction" of helping others before helping yourself ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Connect With Frank Williams:  Email: frankwilliams@mbxlife.com  Phone: 201-614-5566 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Connect With Me  Instagram: @motivategrindsucceed  Twitter: @themgspodcast  Website (Be A Guest/Request A Topic): www.mgspodcast.com  Leave me a voicemail: (708) 794-6542 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you really like what you hear, consider giving the show a rating and review either on your listening platform of choice or here at Rate and review Motivate Grind Succeed (lovethepodcast.com) as it helps me know what I'm doing well and what I can improve at! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mgsthepodcast/support

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Remember that a goal without the necessary steps taken and implemented is just a dream!

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Frank Williams

Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

My name is Frank Williams and I am a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. I believe that I have a somewhat unique and interesting story;

My desire to help people as a Life Coach can be traced back to one defining moment. Years ago, when I was a Corrections Officer, I found myself in a dangerous situation with an inmate. We were face to face and it quickly became aggressive, at which point my options for dealing with this confrontation became very limited...

I couldn’t help but wonder how this situation could have been avoided. If only someone or something intervened in this gentleman's life at an earlier stage. If only he’d been exposed to the tools and ideas that could have helped him recognize and navigate through the twisting and bending road of life.

Though this situation wasn’t a positive one, it’s impact on me was.

Today as a Life Coach, I may not be able to rewrite anyone’s history, but I can help them to write and create an amazing future!