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Oct. 12, 2022

Ep. 089 | The Importance of Faith in Achieving Success with Branch Isole

In this podcast episode, Branch Isole discusses the four cornerstones of success in relationships and in life in general. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

1. What are the four cornerstones of success in relationships? 

 2. What are the four elements of success? 

 3. What is the importance of spiritual grounding in achieving success?

"Life is about relationships. And as we grow, our relationships change. But there are four things that form the cornerstones of every successful relationship, and those are love, approval, agenda, and spiritual grounding."

Branch Isole is an author, poet, and storyteller who talks about the power of choice and consequence. He is known worldwide by his contemporary short stories that reveal issues and emotions often experienced but not always voiced.

This is Branch Isole's story...

Branch Isole is a contemporary short story author who talks about the power of choice and consequence. He graduated from Texas State and did graduate work at the University of Houston. And he holds a theology degree from the Trinity Bible College and Seminary. He is known worldwide by his contemporary short stories that reveal issues and emotions often experienced but not always voiced.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. What are the four cornerstones of success in relationships?

2. What are the four blockchain elements of success?

3. What is the importance of spiritual grounding in achieving success?


Branch's Website: branchisole.com

Here's a breakdown of what is covered:

[00:00:00] - Welcome to the show.

[00:00:45] - Introduction to Branch isole.

[00:02:36] - Who is Branch

[00:05:06] - The essential elements of success.

[00:06:30] - The four basics of success.

[00:09:56] - Stability direction & power.

[00:14:52] - The moral and punishment system.

[00:20:46] - Spiritual grounding theory.

[00:21:05] - How to get spiritually grounded.

[00:25:34] - Pillars of spiritual growth.

[00:26:52] - Building on past work.

[00:28:37] - The 5 pillars of spiritual strength.

[00:30:09] - The pillar of growth faith.

[00:32:29] - Faith is always under attack.

[00:36:57] - Faith as the motivator for making decisions.

[00:46:33] - One last question.

[00:48:43] - Two more things before you leave.

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There are five motivations, five motivators behind every decision that we make. The first one is need. Do I need it? The second one is, what do I want it? The third one, which is especially salient today in our day and age, is status.

What will it do for me? What will it make me appear to be in the eyes of others? The fourth one is love, because love is always the essential grounding point of who we are and why we're here. And the fifth, which is the strongest of all, is fear of loss.

The greatest fear is death, obviously. But if you ever watch commercials, particularly in the evening, the fundamental aspect of whatever the company is trying to sell you is based on fear of loss. If you don't do it by tonight or you don't do it by tomorrow morning, you're going to lose that discount. So fear of loss is the greatest motivator all. Now, these five are always in operation, either one or more at any given time.

So any decision, any situation, any choice that you have to make, there's going to be at least one of these in the back of your mind that's going to be the real trigger to you putting that into action. So if you know what those motivators are, then you can see which one triggers that, oh, I'm going to do this or I want to do this or I need to do this. If you know what the motivation is that's triggering you, then you can sit back and actually analyze, I want this new Mercedes. But when I look at all of the things involved in that decision, maybe it's not the best car for me to be spending my money on. So if you know what the five motivations are, then you know which one in the back of your mind is actually being triggered when you're trying to decide how to put that desire or that thought into action.

Love it. Absolutely love it. Great, great framework. Absolutely appreciate that. And I want to go.

And then again, I can't help but piggyback a little bit of what you were saying with this. I actually almost want to combine two of them. I think the big two that you mentioned, which was status, and then the fear of loss. I think just having a fear of losing status is probably one of the biggest motivators itself. That kind of pretty much make people kind of do whatever it is that they do in their life, right?

Because when a person fears losing their status it doesn't matter how long it took them to build. Sometimes it might have taken them years and years and years to build up the status to whatever it is. It might be the best in their field, the best at their job, an influencer with I don't know 5000 followers or something on Instagram and a million followers on TikTok or whatever it might be. The fear of losing that a lot of times makes people do some of the weirdest things or something that you'll scratch your head and wonder why are they doing that? Why would they accept that brand deal?

Why are they promoting this? Why are they all of a sudden saying this now? Because they want to keep that status. But here's the big kicker, right? The funny thing is this all comes back to faith.

This is why I love this so much. The big kicker here is that the status was already given to you by God. That's the thing. So if God was able to give you the status as long as you have faith see all of this is tied together guys. As long as you have faith that God will help you to keep that status and he has purpose of you to be in your position as long as you're following what he says to do in theory you should not have to worry about the status that it is that you have because he gave it to you.

Meaning that at any moment yes he can take it away. But if he wants you to stay in that position of status or stay in a position of power. Have that much influence of wherever it is that you are in your life you're going to keep it as long as you follow what God says to do and as long as you keep your head on straight and make sure you have faith that what it is that you're trying to do is what God is actually telling you to do. So I just want to add that little bit in there. What are your thoughts on that?

The Book of Job describes just what you do. It's an Old Testament book and Job had all the status and all the wealth and was well known in his community. And the devil went to God and said job has only got what he's got because of you and if you took it all away he would turn her back on you in a moment. And so God accepted Satan's challenge and he took everything from Job and left him literally in the dirt. And Job had three friends who came by and tried to convince him that he should denounce God because God had taken everything from him.

And Job stood firm and he said it got so bad for Job that he said it would have been better had he never been born than the situation he was in. And because he didn't turn from God, god gave him back everything he had and more because he kept the faith. And so we get into these situations in our lives where even for Christians, why is God not helping me at this moment? I'm in a really bad situation and he's not there. Well, we have to remember that God allows us free will.

And if we choose to do things based on what we want and we're trying to keep that status with all of those followers and all of that celebrity and that's where our focus is, that if we lose that, where are we? And so it's a test of faith. You hit it on the head because we live in the most celebrity prone age of all of mankind. It's unbelievable what people will do for status. And yet if you look deep, there's not a person on this planet that doesn't have problems or issues.

And some of the wealthiest, some of the most well known, some of the really big names in every industry or every endeavor, we don't see behind those closed doors and we don't see that the issues and the problems that they deal with just because they have status or money doesn't mean that their life is easy. And so status can be a real strange mistress. But the Book of Job describes it and explains it really well. So if anybody is interested, that's the book to read when you want to read about what life can be like at that wealth and power level and what it can be like when it's taken away. Absolutely.

All that glitters is not gold, guys. All that glitters is not gold. Remember, guys, the lawn might be greener on the other side, but you have no idea how they got it to be that green. So focus on your own lane. Have faith in what you need to do and on your mission because God gave you that mission specifically and keep your head on straight and keep focusing on that.

So, Branch, thank you so much for the fantastic information. But I do have a couple more questions that I have to ask all the guests before we end off our time together here. So the first question I have for you is that the classic let's just say somebody has been with us now these past 48 minutes and 3 seconds and they just woke up. I'm talking like saliva on the side of their face, dried out. They just woke up.

For some reason, they fell asleep during this entire episode and they just woke up. And now they're just like, man, I don't want to go back and rewind and listen to it, which you guys honestly should, but they don't want to go back and rewind and listen to the entire episode. What is one parting piece of advice or wizard that you can give to the listeners about anything that was discussed today? Be honest with yourself.

Love it. Beautiful. Simple, to the point. I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you very much for that.

Be honest with yourself, guys, because if I could throw in just $0.01 on top of that too, that it's better to be a genuine version of yourself than to be a carbon copy of somebody else. Because God made you you for a reason. He gave you your strength for a specific reason. He didn't give it to anybody else because he knew that you had the ability to take those strengths and turn them into something great. Thank you so much for that, Branch.

And the last question I have for you is that let's say people are just very interested in your work. I said in the beginning you were an author, you're a poet and all these fantastic things. Where can people find more about you? Find out about you on the worldwide Internet or find some of the work? Where would you like people to go to find out?

Sure. Thanks Roshan for asking. Real simple. It's just my name. Branch like a tree is like Sam O-L-E.

You can Google that. Everything I have is just under my name, my website, my YouTube channel, my podcast. I just Google Branch Isole and that will give you all the links. Fantastic. I will leave all those, as per usual, in the description.

So if you're watching on YouTube, it will be in the description. If you're listening to this on whatever platform you're listening on, spotify, Apple, Google, Stitcher, wherever you're listening, those will also be in the episode's description. So check out those links, guys. That is all that we have time for today, guys. So we're going to have to bring this week's episode to a close.

Thank you so much for tuning in today. But before you guys know, two things that I want you to do, and I promise you it's going to take you less than 2 minutes to do so. Number one, guys, I want you to subscribe or follow the show, whatever your platform allows you to do. So that way you can be on the lookout for new episodes as we post every single week, guys. And number two, go ahead and also follow me on social media as well.

The links for that will also be in this episode's description and yes, it is be behind the social media. So if you want to wave hi to me, that's great and awesome. Take care of yourself, guys, and I will see you all in the next episode. Take care.

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Branch Isole

Author, Poet, Storyteller

Author, poet and storyteller Branch Isole writes and speaks about the power of choice and consequence.
Known worldwide his contemporary short stories reveal issues and emotions often experienced, but not always voiced.

Branch graduated from Texas State Univ. B.S.Ed., did post graduate work Univ. of Houston, M.EdAdm., and holds an Oxford M.A. Theology degree from Trinity Bible College and Seminary.