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July 18, 2021

From Tribulation to Thriving | Interview With Michaela S. Cox (039)

From Tribulation to Thriving | Interview With Michaela S. Cox (039)

---Motivate Grind Succeed Podcast Episode #039!!!---

We are welcoming Michaela Cox to the show!

Michaela is a 6 time author, Christian woman of faith, and has an insanely interesting life story that I don’t want to spoil at all so I’ll leave that to her to describe.

Since she is a 6 time author, she has a multitude of books currently ranging from spirituality, which is what we’ll be diving into today, to a collection of wise words and lessons to learning how to enjoy your own unique life and to embrace the journey that it is.

Connect With Michaela:

Michaela S. Cox: Author /Speaker 

38DDD: A Journey of learning how to go from much tribulation to thriving in all things in life. 

Website: https://www.myheartfeltmeditations.com/

New book link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B097CCX4SQ


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Michaela Cox

Author and Speaker

Michaela S. Cox is a multi- published author and speaker who write and speaks a diverse topics ranging from faith, spirituality to motherhood, parenting and family to grief and loss. Also speaks on 'We the People', our love of country and patriotism and the way of system of government. Equally she writes and speaks to her life experience of disability and being legally blind but yet striving to thrive and overcoming. Her series include the following: Now I see which talks about her own life's journey and story of 38DDD go from much tribulation to thriving in all things in life. Also her series include 'Take a Sip, Take a Breath and Go... A Journey through Motherhood', Before the Clock Strikes Midnight', 'Spirituality, Scripture, and Our Culture', and 'We the People' Are?'. Michaela has also authored a book entitled 'Living the Beach Life' and a earlier work of a collection of poetry entitled Heartfelt Meditations: A Collection of Poetry Inspired by Cherished Scriptures.

She is an author who writes about her heartfelt meditations related to her passions about her journey as a mother, her journey of faith and the American journey of We the People.
Michaela S. Cox takes the inspiration for her writings form her own life’s journey walking and traveling a journey that has taken her from much tribulation to learning how to thriving in all things including; a lifelong, since birth, disability of legal blindness, divorce at age 26 and then at age 38 the loss of her beloved husband and thus having to journey through widowhood, solo/single parenting while managing her disability. These experiences very much influences her work, as an author, on her journey through motherhood, her journey of faith for over 35 plus years. In the future Michaela plans to start and introduce two new series over the next several months related to 'We the People”, and her own personal life experiences has she has traveled here own life’s journey as a woman of faith who has dealt with a life-long disability, and the new struggles of life as a widow and solo mama.

Aside from being a mama to her two precious babies and enjoying her author journey, Michaela S. Cox is a native Texan who now resides in Louisiana with her children. Michaela enjoys time with her tribe of fabulous friends who she travels and does life with on this journey. Michaela is striving to find her own way as she is following her path, traveling the journey before her and striving to thrive in all things no matter where her journey made lead and takes her in life.