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June 20, 2022

Life Can Suck...Let's Fix That

This week, we are talking about how life sucks. But of course, we aren't going to dwell on that. We're going to talk about ways that make can make life suck a little bit less.

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[rasean_hyligar]: welcome everybody welcome welcome welcome welcome back
to a brand new episode of the motivate

[rasean_hyligar]: grind succeed podcast the show that gives
you a hundred percent fluff free guaranteed practical

[rasean_hyligar]: and useful tips with every single episode
so you can live up to your true

[rasean_hyligar]: potential if you're new to the show
welcome and i know you're going to get

[rasean_hyligar]: a ton of value from this week's
episode and if you're returning listener welcome back

[rasean_hyligar]: guys i miss you'll quick favorite everybody
who is listening though if at any point

[rasean_hyligar]: in time in this episode you get
some value i ask that you share this

[rasean_hyligar]: episode with somebody because it's up to
you guys to share this wealth of knowledge

[rasean_hyligar]: with whoever you feel like it's to
hear this so with that into out of

[rasean_hyligar]: the way we're going to get right
into this week's episode and this week we

[rasean_hyligar]: are going to be talking about life
life and how it is pretty negative and

[rasean_hyligar]: how do we handle that right so
every day life gives you it's not going

[rasean_hyligar]: to be the best of days okay
in fact you probably have had more days

[rasean_hyligar]: than not when you want to do
like the lyrics of the lazy songs and

[rasean_hyligar]: do nothing but just lay in bed
all day right these are the days that

[rasean_hyligar]: you simply just have to push through
and today i'm gonna be giving you five

[rasean_hyligar]: tips on how to push through a
bad slump and get back to in your

[rasean_hyligar]: normal productive self and guess what guys
as promised guess what i got before we

[rasean_hyligar]: get i got the drum roll sounds
i'm so excited i was so excitdiwaso excited

[rasean_hyligar]: ready ready number one drum please

[rasean_hyligar]: drumbrlsoud number one quickly replace negative thoughts
with productive ones let me now o ike

[rasean_hyligar]: that drum sound let me know let
me know i'm super pond for it i

[rasean_hyligar]: really like it so someone named an
s in once said that we don't see

[rasean_hyligar]: things as they are we see them
as we are okay let me say that

[rasean_hyligar]: one more time we don't see things
as they are we see things as we

[rasean_hyligar]: are so it's a matter of perspective
right so whatever is internal is eventually going

[rasean_hyligar]: materialize into something external so before it
gets to that stage you need to replace

[rasean_hyligar]: your thoughts with things that are true
honorable right pure lovely and admirable and think

[rasean_hyligar]: of things that are excellet and worthy
of praise if you know that reference drop

[rasean_hyligar]: it down in the comments or leave
me a dem if you think you know

[rasean_hyligar]: where that reference is from not going
to say where but if you think you

[rasean_hyligar]: know where it is let me know
thinking that thoughts are not going to benefit

[rasean_hyligar]: you any okay nata zilchzero nata how
many times have you thought of something negative

[rasean_hyligar]: and the situation got better i'll wait
i'm actually not going to wait because i

[rasean_hyligar]: don't want to waste your time like
that but guarantee you it probably hasn't gotten

[rasean_hyligar]: any better right negative thinking does not
benefit you so why do it okay and

[rasean_hyligar]: this leads to our second tip hold
on my drum roll again i'm super excited

[rasean_hyligar]: second tip is oh let's go the
okay focus on the little winds the small

[rasean_hyligar]: victories okay when you have a massive
goal or an obstacle in front of you

[rasean_hyligar]: it's very difficult to think that you
can reach your targets when the goal is

[rasean_hyligar]: so far away take for example losing
twenty pounds i know i bring up fitness

[rasean_hyligar]: a lot of hat because i'm into
the fitness space and i can kind of

[rasean_hyligar]: attest to it a little bit right
so instead of saying you want to lose

[rasean_hyligar]: twenty pounds in a month saying said
that you want to lose one pound of

[rasean_hyligar]: that way when your weight fluctuates which
it will because water weight and homiostasis and

[rasean_hyligar]: all kinds o other things if you
look into how weight loss works you won't

[rasean_hyligar]: be throwing off come week to when
you're only netted like four pound loss right

[rasean_hyligar]: but let's say you had a goal
to lose one pound a week right and

[rasean_hyligar]: we two comes around and you've netted
the same four pound loss you'll see here

[rasean_hyligar]: head of your goal two pounds and
be that much more driven to keep going

[rasean_hyligar]: that didn't make sense rewind that listen
to that again okay this example leads me

[rasean_hyligar]: to my third tip no drum roll
this time you know i'm getting too piped

[rasean_hyligar]: up with that and the third tip
is to exercise so i know we just

[rasean_hyligar]: talked about the exercise example but now
we're going into talking about exercise as the

[rasean_hyligar]: actual tip so without getting too much
into the science behind exercise and why you

[rasean_hyligar]: should size exercise not only keeps you
in good physical shape but it also gives

[rasean_hyligar]: your body a healthy stimulus and it
also releases chemicals in the brain that are

[rasean_hyligar]: proven to decrease anger decrease stress and
overall brighten your mood and not to mention

[rasean_hyligar]: just gives you that kind of feeling
you know what i mean that that good

[rasean_hyligar]: thing after you finish and work out
you feel super energized exactly that same kind

[rasean_hyligar]: of it's exactly what exercising does and
then when i talk about exercise in this

[rasean_hyligar]: manner exercise doesn't have to be anything
intense right even a simple fifteen minute walk

[rasean_hyligar]: outside can be enough to change your
mood and speaking of walking if you are

[rasean_hyligar]: walking you can incorporate this next tip
if you're going for a walk right you

[rasean_hyligar]: see i've flowing all these together i'ebentring
trying trying to help you guys out here

[rasean_hyligar]: right so let say you're going for
your nice walk right and you're just walking

[rasean_hyligar]: down the street walking through the park
walking wherever incorporate this next tip and that

[rasean_hyligar]: is to have gratitude yes have gratitude
let's be honest you've probably heard different people

[rasean_hyligar]: from different places talk about gratitude and
i'm going to sound like a broken record

[rasean_hyligar]: i know i know i'm sorry but
it's true having gratitude and being thankful for

[rasean_hyligar]: the small things really really play a
big role in your overall mood while you're

[rasean_hyligar]: going on that walk that i mentioned
a little while ago look around you right

[rasean_hyligar]: just look around you do you see
trees be thankful for the trees you see

[rasean_hyligar]: the leaves be thankful for the leaves
do you see the sidewalk that you're on

[rasean_hyligar]: be thankful for that sidewalk like i
didn't have to be there you can be

[rasean_hyligar]: walking on a dirt road for all
for who all cares right walking on a

[rasean_hyligar]: dirt road in some crappy old shoes
but here you are walking with your fancy

[rasean_hyligar]: barefoot shoes on a nice cement sidewalk
you be thankful for that right be thankful

[rasean_hyligar]: for your clothes for another example be
thankful that you have legs to even walk

[rasean_hyligar]: right even if you're in pain be
thankful you have a body i know this

[rasean_hyligar]: sounds crazy but be thankful at have
a body part that hurts because what's the

[rasean_hyligar]: alternative you just don't even have that
body part right like you you could you

[rasean_hyligar]: could bang your elbow on a table
or bang it on a on a chair

[rasean_hyligar]: whatever and you hit the funny bow
whatever it is and yes it will hurt

[rasean_hyligar]: and you're probably cursing and be like
i shouldn't have hurt that how it hurts

[rasean_hyligar]: so much but yet still have an
elbow that you can actually bang like it

[rasean_hyligar]: sounds it sounds weird but when you
really piece all these things together having this

[rasean_hyligar]: gratitude will completely shift your mind set
and finally the final tip that i have

[rasean_hyligar]: for you why let's give the drum
one more time right

[rasean_hyligar]: as to early alas too early the
last tip is to give happiness yes this

[rasean_hyligar]: is probably a tip you probably weren't
expecting but yes give happiness and kindness if

[rasean_hyligar]: you're unhappy go volunteer at home shelter
that's it like i really wish it was

[rasean_hyligar]: more it was more complex than that
but it's really not right we stick to

[rasean_hyligar]: the simple things here simple actionable tips
again so goal volunteer to homely shelter and

[rasean_hyligar]: i guarantee you when you do that
and you see somebody else's smile from all

[rasean_hyligar]: the food that you've given them and
the bed that they have to sleep on

[rasean_hyligar]: and the warmth that they have i
guarantee it's going to warmth as long as

[rasean_hyligar]: you're a person in your right mind
it's going to warm up your heart it's

[rasean_hyligar]: going to warm you up on the
inside and you're going to feel like oh

[rasean_hyligar]: my gosh like i feel good helping
other people that's why if you look back

[rasean_hyligar]: at all the different guests that i've
had on the show before right all the

[rasean_hyligar]: different life coaches and everybody coming bringing
their expertise and everything as people always say

[rasean_hyligar]: things like they found that when they
help other people they themselves feel that they

[rasean_hyligar]: are fulfilled right because they're going out
and helping other people they're bestowing their knowledge

[rasean_hyligar]: and their wisdom on to other people
and because they're helping other people to become

[rasean_hyligar]: better that makes them feel good on
the inside that's why i do this podcast

[rasean_hyligar]: for you guys right i enjoy doing
this i enjoy giving you all tips i

[rasean_hyligar]: enjoy talking to all the guests and
everybody that we have on the show i

[rasean_hyligar]: enjoy that because i know at the
end of the day this is going going

[rasean_hyligar]: to be benefiting you guys right and
i of course obviously i get some things

[rasean_hyligar]: out of it as well but of
course it also benefits you guys and it's

[rasean_hyligar]: absolutely fantastic that that actually happens and
i love it i absolutely love it right

[rasean_hyligar]: and so that's why i keep doing
it right that's why when i talk about

[rasean_hyligar]: the my past business ventures before right
that's why i never pursued them for more

[rasean_hyligar]: than a year one because i had
the wrong mind set and two i didn't

[rasean_hyligar]: truly feel like i was truly helping
people to the best of my ability right

[rasean_hyligar]: and now that i'm doing this podcast
i feel like i'm helping people so so

[rasean_hyligar]: much more and that's why i feel
so inclined to do this podcast and even

[rasean_hyligar]: when i'm at my nine to five
or on the weekend or anything i'm still

[rasean_hyligar]: thinking about this pod so i'm still
thinking about things that i can get to

[rasean_hyligar]: improve the quality i'm still thinking about
how i can revamp the episodes i'm doing

[rasean_hyligar]: all kinds of things on the back
and that you all have no idea of

[rasean_hyligar]: what's going on but all the tings
on the back and then i'm trying to

[rasean_hyligar]: you know finesse and fan angle ut
things together and make it into these these

[rasean_hyligar]: nice little documents and do all all
kinds of stuff that i'm doin in the

[rasean_hyligar]: background right that i'm working on just
try to make the experience of this podcast

[rasean_hyligar]: much better for you guys because i
enjoy bringing this and ow to you guys

[rasean_hyligar]: i really really do and so that's
why i keep doing it right and so

[rasean_hyligar]: off my little tangent of digression there
let's let's re cap let's re cap so

[rasean_hyligar]: we can bring this episode to a
close here we all get into negative slump

[rasean_hyligar]: sometimes right and i'd be lying if
i said personally that i've never been in

[rasean_hyligar]: one and you'd be lying if you
said you've never been in one either but

[rasean_hyligar]: the most important thing is that when
you notice you are in that slump you

[rasean_hyligar]: need to get out as quickly as
possible by implementing at least one or best

[rasean_hyligar]: case all five of the tips that
i gave and those tip again were to

[rasean_hyligar]: number one quickly replace your negative thoughts
with positive ones tip number two is to

[rasean_hyligar]: focus on the little winds and the
small victories number three simple exercise tip number

[rasean_hyligar]: four is have gratitude and tip number
five is to give kindness and give happiness

[rasean_hyligar]: to others and guys that's all i
got for this week's episode i'm going to

[rasean_hyligar]: bring it to a close thank you
thank you thank you for tuning in today

[rasean_hyligar]: but before you go i do have
three quick requests for you before you go

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[rasean_hyligar]: in the next episode