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Here are some commonly asked questions that we receive. Please review this prior to any new inquiries. This section is updated as new questions arise so be sure to check frequently as new questions and answers are always being posted.


For Guests/Potential Guests

How much time should I set aside for this meeting?
You should set aside about 1 hour for the recording to take place.

What software do you use to record?
We utilize Riverside.fm to do our remote recordings.

Do you record audio or video for episodes?
We record both audio and video. 

Since I'm going to be on video, how should I dress?
Dress however you feel comfortable. If you think you want to wear your favorite t-shirt, go ahead. If you want to wear a 3-piece suit, that's fine too! Just nothing obnoxious, vulgar, provocative, etc... you get the point.

What do I need to bring to the recording session?
Just your wealth of knowledge and any material that may help demonstrate a point (ex: a graphic/chart, your newest book, etc.). The extra material is NOT necessary.

Is your podcast SFW?
Always and forever!


For Listeners

What is your setup like? (Updated 11-Dec-2022)
Webcam: Razer Kiyo Pro
Computer: Custom Built PC (yes, I built it myself) (PCPartPicker List)
Mic: Samson Q9U

Where can I listen to your podcast?
You see that link at the top of the page in the navigation bar called "Episodes"? Right there. Each link also has buttons to navigate you to some podcast streaming services as well.

Can I be a guest on the show?
Maybe. You see that link in the top of the page in the nav bar called 'Register As A Guest'? Click that link, fill out the application, click register. Afterwards, you'll be instructed to visit a google form where you can essentially promote yourself and explain why you'd like to be on the show.


General Questions

What is your upload schedule like?
Monday - Solo episodes (just yours truly)
Wednesday - Guest Interview (if there is a guest for the week)
Friday - Coming soon 👀👀👀

Do you upload to YouTube?
Yes. We are slowly implementing uploading every episode that we record to YouTube.

Can I donate to the show?
If you'd like to donate to the show, there is a donate button at the bottom of the website.

Do you have BTS/special content?
Not at this time. However, this is something we are looking into, and we'll keep you posted.

Can I be a part of the MGS team?
We are not looking to hire at this time.